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How to Change Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

If you want to change your profile picture on Facebook to the existing picture or a new one you need to Crop the image. You can also set profile picture without cropping it.

How to change Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

#0. Login to your Facebook account.
#1. In the left sidebar you can see Apps. Under Apps you can see Photos (If you are unable to see Photos, Just click on More).

Change Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

Apps > Photos > My Uploads

#2. After opening Photos, in the left sidebar you can see My Uploads under photos.
#3. Select your desired album and click on “EDIT ALBUM”.
#4. In the Edit Album page you can see the list of photos with their descriptions and options. You can select “This is your Profile Picture” and click on save changes.
#5. You are done. Your Profile picture will be changed without cropping it.

If you have any questions about on how to change Facebook profile picture without cropping, post them in the comments section below.

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